A new start!


I just started writing a blog with English. Because I’m open my mind for the world. So on an ordinary day, I’m surfing the Turkish language website. And then my minds think local. But I have a dream global. My English not good but I develop my self every day. Yes! I started an English blog this reason.

I don’t have a road map but finally, I know where I want to go. I imagine working remote for a global company and travel around the world with my girlfriend (wife). Also, I want to develop a great and useful product with this company. Maybe one day change the world with this product. I believe this dream and I work hard this dream.

I’m not an ordinary selfish developer. I feel junior developer right now (yes I have 7 years experience but doesn’t matter). Because I’m a passionate and learning enthusiast developer.

I’m very very excited right now and proud of my self. I hope this blog post is a good opportunity to change my life and my mind. I’ll update this blog site, follow me!